On today's podcast we talk about a piece I put up about 2011 Topps & Panini football box prices. I wanted to take a look back and see what boxes were selling for over & above wholesale cost.

There were several new releases over the last few weeks, and I thought it would be cool to talk about some of them.

11/12 Panini Contenders Hockey has some really cool looking patch cards with silver ink on black cardboard that are very nice. The checklist isn't super deep, so it might be worth checking out to see if your favorite players are included.

11/12 Donruss Elite Hockey is a set I actually got to open a box of. I actually really like the look of the cards, but felt that there could be a few more parallel cards in the set.

11/12 Panini Past & Present Basketball is a very cool set because it includes redemption cards for both 11/12 NBA RC's AND 12/13 NBA rookies. The only thing about this set I want to caution people about is the auto redemptions may or may not go in order of the 2011 NBA Draft. I don't think Panini knows yet, so just be careful.

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