This is an audio replay of Sports Card Radio YouTube published August 8, 2022. Please find our channel & like/subscribe as that's where all the latest content will be uploaded. Colin & Ryan will record podcasts and replay them here. On today's show: we have a deep dive discussion on if Fanatics dropping GTS as a distributor will have an impact on the sports card hobby shops you shop at and the group breakers you use. Could Blowout Cards, hobby shops & even breakers like Layton Sports Cards and Backyard Breaks be in trouble of going out of business? How does the sports card market crash impact what's going to happen?

Today we discuss the events surrounding PWCC auction house. Today eBay contacted users to inform them that PWCC is guilty of shill bidding and the company cancelled 50,000+ listings. PWCC was the highest grossing seller of trading cards on eBay - and eBay cancelled them like a bad habit. We speculate on the show why this decision came down so abruptly and if your cards are safe at PWCC now.

Vegas Dave - the guy who bought the Mike Trout Superfractor for $400K and sold it a few years later for millions is saying the trading card market will collapse by 2024. In the same breath, he says he's holding David Carr trading cards for the next 2-5 years as well. He goes after Gary Vee - likely for views/attention (which I think is a good idea) in a video on YouTube found here: We play clips of his take on the trading card market and I give you my thoughts on his opinions. Finally I give you a quick update on the status of the show going forward. 

On today's show I talk about the NBA returning soon! The NFL draft and how I think this years RC class will compare to last years. We discuss how 2020 Topps Baseball product & cards have been on FIRE - despite the likelihood of no MLB season. I talk about selling on COMC, Amazon and eBay. GaryVee has taken a break from cards - is it because he's getting a divorce? Collectors seem angry - despite record card prices, I think it's because many are being priced out of their favorite hobby. The National was rescheduled - New Jersey in the winter might be worse than in the summer! Finally, I will likely not be posting many podcasts in the near future, I will tell you why.

On another quarantined edition of The Sports Card Show Podcast we are joined again by Ryan @SportsCardNews. We discuss Topps & Panini delaying products because of the virus. What impact has it had on the Hobby? Is previously released wax selling better? Colin talks about a site he’s been selling Topps baseball boxes on. We each give brief Amazon updates, since it’s paying most of the bills at the moment. We discuss the 2020 and 2021 National Sports Collectors Convention. There was discussion about buying Microsoft shares or 1986/87 Fleer basketball boxes - and why collectors have the wrong idea about which is a better ‘investment’. 

On today’s special “quarantined” edition of the Sports Card Show Podcast, Colin is joined by Ryan & we discuss the dramatic turn in the trading card market as cards & almost all activity is put on pause for the Coronavirus. First we discuss being called as EXPERT WITNESS in the Upper Deck vs Leaf trial. Then we discuss the economic impact the Coronavirus will have on the trading card market. Who will be the winners & losers? Will the NSCC be cancelled? What are some ways to make money in a downturn? All this and more! Enjoy, stay safe and healthy!

On today’s show we discuss some of the new sets that have gone live including 2020 Topps Heritage and Optic Basketball. If you feel these sets are overpriced or out of your budget, I give you some tips on how to acquire the cards. Sports Cards are RED HOT!! Like stocks, homes or anything for that matter - it’s probably a good idea to be a SELLER in that type of market. I’ve seen some recent social media postings where people are confronting PACK SEARCHERS at Target/Wal-Mart. I tell you why that’s a REALLY BAD IDEA. The NFL draft is coming - I give you my prediction on what type of class it might be. Finally our main topic is GaryVee promotes the hobby on a daily basis - and is often criticized for it. I run down collectors WHO WANT HIM STOPPED and tell you what I think. As always, today’s podcast is sponsored by NO ONE! Enjoy!

On today’s show we discuss the 2020 Topps Industry Conference with Ryan @SportsCardNews who attended the even for the second year in a row. We discuss what types of things you could expect if you attend the show in the future, including giveaways, athlete appearances and takeaways you can learn. We discuss an altercation between Tom Fish, owner of Blowout Cards, and Ryan in the hallway. We discuss how group breakers are the “scrubs” in this industry - mainly because they care more about being liked than making money. 

On today's show I talk about setting a hobby budget - mainly because I saw a tweet last week that really made it evident people aren't doing this. Basically a guy said he could have bought a Jordan Auto and LeBron RC for how much he spent on breaks - instead he had base he didn't even want. So I walk you through the 3 steps to make sure this doesn't happen to you! Even if you've been collecting a long time, this episode is for you - but especially if you've just gotten back into the hobby or are starting for the 1st time. I then talk briefly about the Class Action Lawsuit against PSA/PWCC and more. Baseball season is coming soon. I give an update on my store and Amazon sales in 2020. 

On today’s show we discuss the tragic death of Kobe Bryant and why he was so extraordinary. 

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