Colin goes into full blown seek and destroy mode on industry newbies, Luka Doncic group think, haters who have never made 7 figures on a website and much more. Haters are encouraged to reach out on Twitter @SportsCardRadio

On today's topic, we talk a lot about a sport that isn't in season right now: the NFL. We've got Buy-Sell-Hold NFL QB edition (15:00 Start Time). Then I talk about Zion Williamson, and the scenarios that could happen next year depending on which card company he decides to sign with (58:00 Time Start). LUKA DONCIC ABSOLUTELY SUCKS (1:09:00 Start Time). I talk briefly about the NFL draft, which I don't think will be as good as 2018 was (1:16:40 Start Time). Vlad Jr was chucking his autograph cards from Panini in a cardboard box! Was the video clip we saw the full story? (1:26:00 Time Start). Topps keeps coming up with some new ideas, now we have Topps Now Futures. Finally I discuss how you can make 2019 your best year ever.

On today's show I discuss a variety of topics I've written down over the last few months. I'm going to change my strategy on COMC again, this time pouring more money into the site. I joined the 582 Topps Club, and got an invite to but a $1,000 box as a thank you. Redemption cards are a Ponzi scheme and Topps, Panini, etc all participate. I give an update on my Amazon/eBay sales for 2018 and I tell you how my strategy will change in 2019.

Ryan talks with Dan from Mojobreak, Rich from Layton Sports Cards, Karvin Cheung from GTS, Erik Newton of Hall of Fame Baseball Cards and Adam Martin from DA Card World. 

Ryan talks with Michael Roche, one of the attorneys representing Kevin Brashear in a class action lawsuit filed against Panini America. 

Ryan talks with Mike, owner of Lower Level Sports Cards and Collectibles of Winnipeg, Canada. A wide ranging discussion about the business of running a store, the market for cards in Winnipeg and what products sell well. 

Ryan from Sports Card Radio talks with Upper Deck President Jason Masherah and Sr Manager of Customer Experience Chris Carlin.

All the major card makers have some sort of “Guarantee” on the back of autograph & memorabilia trading cards. For example on the back of one Tyler Eifert autograph/jersey card I have it states: “The enclosed event-worn material and autograph are guaranteed by Panini America Inc” However, upon searching the internet for this guarantee, I could only find reference to Panini Authentic items (which are typically memorabilia like basketball, shoes, etc - not trading cards). Don’t most companies put their “guarantees” in writing? Just search the internet for companies you know that guarantee something - and you’ll find a place on the their website which describes the circumstances the guarantee applies to. If Panini puts the autograph sticker on upside-down - does the guarantee apply? If Dak Prescott (allegedly) has cards stolen from him that are then auto-penned and sold online - does the “guarantee” apply then? Is the guarantee for the authenticity of the autograph - or for the quality - or both? How am I supposed to know when Panini (and likely other companies) don't state this on a website? We discuss this topic and more.

The Mistake By The Lake hosts this years 2018 National Sports Collectors Convention. There's a line out the door, VIP tickets are sold out - but dealers, employees and those working the show are hot under the collar. Ryan describes some heated moments at the Topps Booth - and the Blowout Sports Cards booth. Problem for them, there's a long list of hobby "insiders" who have fallen on hard times directing heat at Sports Card Radio. We discuss trashing on Mike Smeth from Cardboardconnection, Mark Sapir at Topps, Josh Cade (Uber Driver), Breakers, and more. 

The Sports Card Show is now in its 10th year recording podcasts! Thank you to everyone that has listened over the years. On today's show we discuss the Topps MLB Exclusive licence being renewed. We discuss in general the state of card quality when in comes to photographs. We talk about how Panini has added several exclusive licenses in here in the US - but sales at the company haven't gone up. We talk briefly about the 2018 National Sports Collectors Convention in Cleveland - more on that event on the next show. Finally we discuss having balance in your collecting life - so you don't all-out quit and leave the hobby forever.

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