We are just a week away from the 2011 Sports Card Industry Summit in Las Vegas NV - and I try to give you a small preview to the event, but hopefully we have lots more once we are there. I'll be making a pit-stop at Spring Training to check out the SF Giants and other teams too. Expect lots of interviews & other stuff in the coming weeks.

Even on a limited budget, buying/selling cards for the challenge against my brother has been fun. The fact that I need to make profits forces me to lower prices when things don't sell, but given some time I think I'll have a nice portfolio that should increase in value as the year rolls along.

2010 Topps Five Star Football + 2010 National Treasures Football are both live super premium NFL sets to cap off an eventful year of football cards. The most interesting thing about these sets is Topps 5 Star sells for over $100 more than SRP ($400) and National Treasures sells for about $50 less than sRP of $400. It just goes to show how tough it is to make money as a hobby shop ... as you would have probably ordered both products - done well with one, and broken even or made very little with the other. Obviously there are many factors involved, but these two similar high-end products, released at around the same time, are a great example of how prices move up/down.

Show #73 will be our 2nd Annual MLB Prospect show - Last years: Show #46 Top 2010 Major League Baseball MLB Prospects Show

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