This is a 'bonus episode' I guess since we cover a few products I wanted to talk about in the past but was moving and such during the time of release. I also forgot to talk about our recent Fan Forum Member box breaks, including the 2008 Razor Letterman and Annie's 2010 Topps Allen & Ginter break - that yielded good times and good cards too!

In terms of some of the product we talk about this week:

2010 Panini Classics Football A cool set that has been around since the Donruss days that highlights legends as well as current players and rookies. The 'base' rookies are #/999 and there are autographs and other cool inserts. Dallas Cowboys Fans will want to be on the lookout for the 50th anniversary cards that are included in the set.

2010 Sports Kings Series D This is a Multi-Sport product where you will find not only baseball football and basketball stars - but tennis, golf, poker, volleyball, boxing and many other 'kings' of their sports in this set. This is a gamblers product by the box, but there are some cool cut autographs and other inserts including Martin Luther King Jr.

09/10 Hall of Fame Basketball This is a 'new' set from Panini (most sets are anyway ;) but the strictly legend/HOF player checklist is an interesting set makeup. You will find actual game used 1992 Dream Team Olympic Jersey cards in this set along with many of the NBA greatest players. Cool set, but I bet you can wait a bit for the price to drop from the initial release.

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