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Sports Card Radio Premium debuts! Joined today by @SportsCardNews

Today we discuss COMC's return policy. We LIGHT UP a few bloggers who chose to comment about a return policy that not only is good for buyers, but is in-line with COMC's competitors. We scratch our heads why they didn't post about the TRIMMING SCANDAL. We discuss some techniques we've used to sell over 100,000 cards on COMC, while being profitable. 

Finally we give updates on the Ripping Wax & Leaf Trading Card "Lawsuits". And there's a way to enter to win a 2019 Topps Archive Signature Retired Player box on the show. NO SCRUBS!

On today’s podcast, a company blow-hard threatens to sue Sports Card Radio AGAIN! Hint: He's threatened to sue me before!

NFL Rookies blow ass ... sort of. Lots of QB’s going down for the count Eli, Big Ben, Cam, Luck, Darnold, brees, Trubisky are all hurt or basically retired.

Did DA Card World scam me out of $600 of Topps Series 2 Jumbo Boxes??

I took a trip to Southern Hobby in Reno, I briefly tell you why I did so and how it was “cheaper” than having the items shipped.

I take a look at some top MLB players base Bowman Chrome rookie card prices. It’s going to give me a good idea what I can pay for up & coming players, and which one’s are already pricing in greatness.

Ronald Acuna $25
Pete Alonso $19 2006 BD
Judge $16 2013 BDPP
Carlos Correa 2013 $1
Mookie Betts  2014 $4
Juan Soto 2017 $5
Cody Bellinger $7.50
Alex Bregman $6

Listener Q’s wrap up the final segment, but I go off topic quite a bit during the segment.


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