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On today's show I discuss a variety of topics I've written down over the last few months. I'm going to change my strategy on COMC again, this time pouring more money into the site. I joined the 582 Topps Club, and got an invite to but a $1,000 box as a thank you. Redemption cards are a Ponzi scheme and Topps, Panini, etc all participate. I give an update on my Amazon/eBay sales for 2018 and I tell you how my strategy will change in 2019.

Ryan talks with Dan from Mojobreak, Rich from Layton Sports Cards, Karvin Cheung from GTS, Erik Newton of Hall of Fame Baseball Cards and Adam Martin from DA Card World. 

Ryan talks with Michael Roche, one of the attorneys representing Kevin Brashear in a class action lawsuit filed against Panini America. 

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