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All the major card makers have some sort of “Guarantee” on the back of autograph & memorabilia trading cards. For example on the back of one Tyler Eifert autograph/jersey card I have it states: “The enclosed event-worn material and autograph are guaranteed by Panini America Inc” However, upon searching the internet for this guarantee, I could only find reference to Panini Authentic items (which are typically memorabilia like basketball, shoes, etc - not trading cards). Don’t most companies put their “guarantees” in writing? Just search the internet for companies you know that guarantee something - and you’ll find a place on the their website which describes the circumstances the guarantee applies to. If Panini puts the autograph sticker on upside-down - does the guarantee apply? If Dak Prescott (allegedly) has cards stolen from him that are then auto-penned and sold online - does the “guarantee” apply then? Is the guarantee for the authenticity of the autograph - or for the quality - or both? How am I supposed to know when Panini (and likely other companies) don't state this on a website? We discuss this topic and more.

The Mistake By The Lake hosts this years 2018 National Sports Collectors Convention. There's a line out the door, VIP tickets are sold out - but dealers, employees and those working the show are hot under the collar. Ryan describes some heated moments at the Topps Booth - and the Blowout Sports Cards booth. Problem for them, there's a long list of hobby "insiders" who have fallen on hard times directing heat at Sports Card Radio. We discuss trashing on Mike Smeth from Cardboardconnection, Mark Sapir at Topps, Josh Cade (Uber Driver), Breakers, and more. 

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