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The annual tradition continues! On today’s show we talk to Ryan @SportsCardNews about the 2017 National Sports Collectors Convention being held in Chicago, IL. The show is JAMED packed this year and it seems like sports cards is really in a good place with collectors around the country. You’d think breakers, dealers, and shops would be rolling in the money because of all the customers pouring through the doors - but many are facing challenges of scaling up their business beyond where it’s been the last few years. One company that has a scalable business model is COMC - and it seems like they are still expanding at a rate that isn’t experienced by many in this industry. We discuss some of the stuff going on their and how we are bullish on that websites future. We discuss the Dak Prescott auto-pen situation, and have reliable sources confirming where the auto-pen actually came from. Hint: you might want to take a closer look at your Tony Romo & Troy Aikman “autographs”. We discuss how group breakers seem stuck in the slow lane - and how we predicted that business model has a ceiling that is nearly impossible to break through. We each give an update on Amazon FBA sales. Hint: they are explosive. I tell you what I’m going to buy with my Amazon FBA profits in a few months. Hint: not a piece of cardboard with a man’s photo on it. We take multiple victory laps about calls we’ve made about the stock market, Aaron Judge being good, different sports card business models failing, Panini’s “VIP” party featuring paper plates & napkins. etc. Overall, the hobby seems to be experiencing the effects of a healthy economy & job market, but few dealers (outside the vintage only guys & COMC) really seem to be cashing in big time. One thing is for sure - we’ll be seeing you all again next year so enjoy this annual tradition.

This week we discuss the Dak Prescott "Auto Pen" scandal involving Panini America. We discuss the language in contracts signed by other Panini signers - and why it places all responsiblity on Panini. We discuss why Dak Prescott might have done this, and why it might not make sense to have used an auto-pen. Beckett Grading certainly comes out smelling like roses, as they essentially turned away business for the sake of authenticating. Later on in the show I give you an Amazon FBA update - including the first few hours of Amazon Prime Day. If this is any preview of how the holidays will go, it's going to be an explosive Christmas season for me selling on Amazon. I discuss my trip to Las Vegas, blocking Panini butt kissers on Twitter, and more.

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