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On today's show I discuss some of the happenings around the hobby the last few weeks. Topps recalled the entire 2015 Topps Tribute baseball set due to 'UV Contamination' ... whatever that is. Ebay is taking care of it's shareholders and affiliates with a fee change, so I give you the reasons why that is good for you and how you can use ebay if you are a seller. I talk about the Industry Summit returning to Hawaii next year and more.

On today's show we bring on my brother Ryan @SportsCardNews who just happens to be chilling in Vegas the same time the 2015 Las Vegas Industry Summit is going on at the beautiful property known as the Tuscany Suites. With no show floor and record low attendance, find out what saved the event from going away for good. Also find out what group breakers have been asking @SportsCardNews since he arrived. Also we discuss other news & events around the hobby. 

On today's show, I talk about the rumors that Panini is interested in buying Upper Deck. Talk briefly about exclusive licenses. We also discuss two NFL rookie running backs I have my eye on. Finally we close with some vintage basketball and condition discussion.

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