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On today's show, we recap the 2014 National Sports Collectors Convention. I talk about the "crickets" pavilion. We discuss if company booth size was in relation to financial stability. We talk about the NFLPA - and what you need to know about the deal. Lastly - we have a listener question & stock tips.

Today our interview guest is @SportsCardNews from the 2014 National Sports Collectors Convention. We talk about the new 10 year NFLPA exclusive licence Panini secured ... and who you really should direct your anger towards (guess what: it's not Panini or the NFLPA). We talk about how it's been crickets at the Group Breaking Pavilion with guys struggling to sell through breaks. I even have felt bad watching some of these breakers blow over $10,000 on an event that won't yield them any new business. We talk about the National, Twitter stock, XPO Stock & more.

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