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On today's show, we preview the extensive Autograph signing guests at the upcoming 2013 National Sports Collectors Convention. We talk about a few sets that have come up for Pre-Order over the last 2 weeks, including 2 Panini Prizm sets. Plus we discuss some of the NFL injuries that have happened during the first few days of training camp.

One last show where I take my cracks at the stupid box breakers who thought is was a good idea to run paid raffles. Just about anyone with any kind of intelligence got my point in grade school, but I feel I needed 1 more show to hammer it home to these idiots. Lastly, Topps is for sale - and no is buying ... and I'm not surprised.

Guys, You'll thank me later for this one.

It's our 5th year anniversary show. We don't hold anything back on sellers ripping collectors off with "razz spots" We also discuss duplicate Bowman Cards, have e-mails from listeners and much more.

On today's show we talk mainly about the NBA draft and some of the recent moves in the NBA. We discuss 3 football products that were added to pre-order listings the last two weeks, and we also talk about murder was the case in the NFL.

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