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Today was the last day of the Industry Summit & @SportsCardNews - Unfiltered at times, Ryan takes us through the last days in Vegas.

We are joined again on the program by @SportsCardNews who had an eventful day at the 2013 Las Vegas Industry Summit.

On today's show we bring on my brother @SportsCardNews who was on scene for day #1 at the Las Vegas Industry Summit.

Day 1 Links, Tweets,  Photos & More Here

On today's show we bring you a 'preview' of the 2013 Las Vegas Industry Summit that is being held March 17 - 20 at the Orleans Casino. I do give out some interesting stats about a segment of the hobby that is "younger & more educated" and "spends 4:1 versus consumers who purchase at local stores."

Plus some general Las Vegas tips & more!

Complete Show Notes Can Be Found At Sports Card Radio

On today's show we talk about some off-season NFL football happenings. We discuss why it's even more risky now than ever to be purchasing redemption cards - or products with lots of redemptions from Topps. Finally we discuss why it's important to build up your hobby reputation to build more sales.

Full show notes & more here:

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