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It seems like just yesterday we were in Las Vegas for the Industry Summit ... that's how fast a year goes! We are less than 1 month away from when we venture into sin city for another year of fun and sports card information. I give you the entire schedule + some additional comments you might want to check out if you are a first-timer on Sports Card Radio.

We also talk about the very 1st NBA product that went live for the 2011-12 season, NBA Hoops Basketball. This is a pretty cool product, and it's nice that it doesn't cost too much ($1.99 per pack at the hobby level) and there are some interesting autographs, including Jeremy Lin. Too bad it doesn't have rookies like Kemba Walker and MarShon Brooks ... we'll have to wait another month or two.

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Today on the podcast we discuss a selling strategy that might be far more feasible if you want to compete online. While most of our discussion has revolved around selling boxes/singles - selling sports card supplies might actually be far more profitable. Not only is competition less, but the amount of inventory needed to start a store is far less than any other avenue in the game.

I break down the complete idea on Sports Card Radio - including some SEO analysis and some reasons why this might be the way to break into the business without risking your financial future.

We also talk about the rise of New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin & getting cards into the hands of kids by going to schools.

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