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Show #39 eBay vs Card Shops + Product Reviews + News

eBay Card Shops
Selection Atmosphere and Networking
Price Visual and In Hand Cards
Open 24 Hours Buying Packs and Boxes

This weeks Box Breaks and eBay Hot Boxes

09/10 Panini Prestige Basketball Box

24 Packs - 5 Cards Per Pack

250 Card Set - 100 Rookie Cards

4 Memorablilai Jersey or Autograph Cards Per Box

Kobe Bryant Exclusive Auto's

$75.00 Per Box

2009 Topps Triple Threads Baseball

2 Packs - 6 Cards Per Pack

100 Card Base Set

1 Autograph Triple #/99 or Less plus #/36 or Less

Babe Ruth Books + Sleeve and Hat Patch Cards + Bat Barrel Cards

$175 Per Box

2009 SP Authentic Baseball Box

24 Packs - 5 Cards Per Pack

250 Base Card Set

1 Auto + 2 Auto/Patch Cards Per Box

Derek Jeter 1993 SP Rookie Buy Backs Autographs #/93

$95.00 Per Box

2009 SP Rookie Threads Football Box

16 Packs - 5 Cards Per Pack

250 Card Base Set

3 Serial #'d Memorabilia Jersey Cards + 2 Autographs Per Box

$85.00 Per Box

2009 UD Black Hockey Box

2 Packs - 2 Cards

1 RC Letterman + 1 Auto or Multi Swatch Jersey Card Per Box

$240.00 Per Box

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- Listen To Show #39 Below -

Some big news and information around the hobby this week. We will preview many boxes that have been released over the last two weeks.

09/10 Exquisite Basketball will make its final run this year. Ricky Rubio, Tiger Woods, John Elway and more make it into the set. Sad to see such a great set come to an end.

Selling your cards at card shops is sometime difficult. Store owners tend to low ball you most of the time and we will discuss why they do this and ways you can get them to make better deals with you.

2009 Football rookies have done fairly well. Mark Sanchez has been playing great along with Percy Harvin. A couple of the other top picks (Heyward-Bay and Crabtree) haven't done so well. All in all its been a good first three weeks to the NFL season and we'll talk about some of the RC's that have made an impact.

Plus lots of great product news and information. Plus MORE!!

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