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The Sports Card Show #11

It's A Showdown! Game Used Jersey Cards vs Player Worn Jersey Cards....What's the difference, how does it effect values, and some general thoughts on the topic. I would have had a greatest find if I found this card 10 Years ago, but still not a bad find around the shop today. We throw out 2 Baseball Prospects, One in Single A for the SF Giants and the other just got called up to the White Sox, so you will want to quit your job now and cash in on these babies!!!

Remember our Contest runs through Sept 15th....Go back to show #10 to figure out how to get the most entries!!!

Thank you to those who have e-mailed me recently....Your input is much appreciated.

Send me an e-mail with Show Ideas Like Fuji did with today's topic!

This Months CONTEST RULES are explained!! We have a new segment for "Great Finds" in your collection, or maybe someone you know. I toot my own horn a bit only to be reminded that I'm no Billy Bean. I have some tips on work which I hope you don't try, and Collecting Cans for Money....we touch it all this week. Send me an e-mail to get involved in this months contest.....

The No Topic Show! Nothing but a little bit of Hobby News and Information. We talk about Topps getting Babe Ruth License, 2008 Donruss Threads Football is out! A prospect we talked about previously is looking to get a call-up in September. And oh, yeah...Favre to the Jets! Send me an e-mail anytime:

This week we talk about the New Beckett Website, Through The Mail TTM Autographs, Shout out a YouTube Member. I also shout out a new Message Board Community that I will be visiting more often now. In the coming months look for Box Breaks and Contests on The Sports Card Show!! Send me an e-mail anytime:

The Sports Card Show
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