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Collect Jersey Cards??? Be careful of FAKE Patch Jersey Cards on-line and around the Hobby! This happens alot more than people think and we've got some tips for you to keep your collection clean. Also, a couple of Cheap Baseball Prospects you may want to check out before the cards go up!

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Some topics talked about today include: Buying packs & boxes..."True" Rookie Cards and how Beckett lists them. A card collecting website review on the back-end....Plus lots more! Send us an e-mail:

Thanks for tuning in, this week we go over some e-mails and we talk about future shows. Send me your favorite places to Find, Talk, Search, Shop...ect....Sports Cards!! What websites to you go to? What other tips do you have for your fellow collectors?? Let me know: One FREE Low Budget Baseball Prospect to keep an eye on in the future!

This weeks Sports Cards Podcast is a little of everything. We talk a little bit about the 2008 Football Draft Class, along with some sleeper baseball prospects you might want to pick up soon. Send any e-mails to:

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This week we discuss the 1980's and 1990's when cards were mass produced and easy to get. These cards have gone down in value quite a bit over the years but there still might be some value in some of the cards. This era of cards is also effected by Steroids and that will have a lasting impression on this era of cards.

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Today its all about selling your cards! eBay has become a big player in Single Cards (and Boxes) and maybe its time for you to start selling some of your collection! Some insider tips on selling Boxes and cases and more!

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Our first show! State of the hobby including Rookie Card Collecting and other hobby tips. Make sure you post comments here or send them to

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