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Today on the Sports Card Show Podcast, we discuss the latest in the card trimming scandal - including the Washington Post confirming the FBI is investigating. PWCC’s finally lawyered up and it’s gotten REAL quiet around the hobby. Brian Gray, Brent, even Gary Moser was talking - now it’s crickets. Finest, Pro Debut, S2, Stadium Club go live with a quickness. I’m interest in seeing if the prices hold over the NSCC or if discounting sends prices lower in the coming weeks. NBA Draft & Free Agents really shook up the NBA. I’m really excited about the NBA season, and I think it will be a fun season to follow NBA trading cards as well. I have a COMC wishlist! I go through about 5 things I hope the site adds soon. The NSCC is coming, and hopefully despite the FBI investigations, people on the show floor have a good time. Finally we discuss the 4th P in making 2019 your best year ever! You need a plan, process - and have patients. But what separates real winners from losers is PROGRESS. However progress can come in many forms - including failure, so embrace progress no matter what happens. 

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