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Today's show highlights COMC's recent fee changes. Some fees went up, some actually went down. It demonstraits a shift in the market COMC is trying to go after. The company has a massive moat around their 'low-end' card business - it's unlikely any challenger will emerge to take that business away from them. So in order to capture the market COMC has less of (higher-end cards) the company has adjusted fees to encourage/discourage certain cards from being sent in. We discuss if the alternatives are better, or if paying the extra 20% to list a card is worth it. We discuss why liberal politicians in Washington state might be to blame. I discuss why anyone with any investment savvy would salivate over COMC's business model - but scoff at UD/Topps/Panini/Leaf's business. I give an Amazon FBA update. I update my $100 COMC card sales. I try to encourage all these guys living at home with mom to get some new skills and earn more money. I'm doubtful many are capable of pulling that off - but I tried. 


With the sports world on hold with only MLB being in action - there’s not too much going on around the hobby. So on this podcast we take a break from the normal card talk and discuss some sustainable ways to make money in this hobby. Surprisingly the two best ways I can think of almost never involve touching the cards. During our segment on Amazon - I discuss some of the ways you can make money on Amazon, and I give specific ways to make money with websites. If you don’t enjoy selling stuff online, this episode is probably not for you. Anyone looking to expand their online money making empire should listen up since there’s lots of good info in this podcast.


We have a jammed packed edition of the sports card show podcast where we discuss multiple topics that have happened in the sports card hobby over the last few months. Blowout cards was hacked and their reaction was typical. Panini left patrons of the Industry Summit hanging with no black boxes. A 1/1 card was released that had Mitchell & Ness tags - which probably can't even be player worn, let alone game worn, as the card indicated. We discuss sending your cards into COMC. A breaker blatantly stole cards on camera. Our off topic/make america great again segments covers my best tax write-off this year + welcome to LA Lavar & Lonzo Ball!! 


We cover multiple topics in this 'comeback' edition of the Sports Card Show podcast. We discuss what areas of the baseball card market that are booming. Could that include 1990's 'junk wax' era cards as well? I give you an update on my $100 COMC account and what I did to generate $70+ in sales last month. I give 3 specific NFL 2 year players that I like - one I will be buying cards of soon. We briefly discuss the NFL combine. Finally we close out with some business idea around estate sales & garage sale finds. Lastly our Make America Great segment talks about how I'm willing to pay more for my fruit/veggies if it meant higher wages. 


An extended episode of the Sports Card Show Podcast, where we touch on 8 different topics. Included are discussions on the Panini Replay Prizm Mosaic replacement set/boxes that are being offered up by Panini as a "make good". Topps Trancendent baseball was one of the most expensive products of all time - does the hobby really need to go this route? Steve Grad (the Pawn Stars Autograph expert) has moved to Beckett. Has Steph Curry peaked? 2017 Topps is almost here, we discuss what that set means to the hobby. Topps website was hacked, and it was warned beforehand. I discuss my 2016 COMC results from my $100 account. Briefly touch on the LA Lakers - and more. 


On today's show we discuss a variety of topics from around the hobby. First I give you an update on my COMC $100 account Black Friday sales. Various topics about PSA/BGS grading cards is discussed - including price fixing for high-grade cards and a million dollar idea. I discuss some of the 2017 NFL draft prospects, including one running back in particular. Panini Replay was a flop and collectors are awaiting an announcement from Panini. That and more.


Miracles happen, weed is legal in California and Trump is president. PSA has been blazing hot fire for 6 years. COMC has Black Friday coming up. Chicago Cubs stars have been lighting up the Arizona Fall League for years. 


Today's show is a bonus episode hosted by Ryan. We go into the new $27,000 product Topps announced. Upper Deck ePack angering long time users. Beckett wrote a story about 50 Group Breakers to know in 2014, how many are still in business? Plus many more thoughts about the sports card world. 


On today's show we discuss a range of topics. We start with Topps' announcement of the Topps Crossover set. Now that Topps is out of the Football card game, what is Panini's flagship product? We discuss listing on COMC in Q4 to take advantage of the fee structure. I talk about web traffic vs conversions - something Mike Smeth public defenders must not know about yet. 


@SportsCardNews and Colin make a RARE back2back appearance on the Sports Card Show Podcast. You know something HUGE must have happened for us to interrupt our summer for more sports card talk.[caption id="attachment_6357" align="alignnone" width="300"]Mike Smeth Owner Of Mike Smeth Owner Of[/caption]This time it comes from website The owner/self proclaimed "CEO" of the website is Michael Smeth, aka Mike Smeth. Apparently for a few years he's been stalking victims online, including Panini's own Tracy Hackler!IMG_3193


We've also had confirmed reports that Mike Smeth was investigated by the FBI as early as 2010.On March __ 2016, Mike Smeth was arrested on FIVE FELONY CHARGES.IMG_3188Jennifer Smeth Marketing Director Of Cardboardconnection.comEarlier in the year - its believed Smeth's wife was arrested too.All appears to be spinning out of control for Mike Smeth and his family.Michael Alexander Smeth Mugshot and Arrest or Citaton Record Gwinnett County2Listen To Show #195 Below


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